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Meet the Family

Welcome to the Kosher Casual Family. We are a caring and professional staff that is united to create an easy and gratifying shopping experience. We are also very committed to having a warm and friendly environment both for our customers as well as our own workplace. It is always nice to see the faces behind the names. Feel free to give us a call. Feel the love!

  • Gary Swickley
    The Boss
    • Deludes self that he can still run marathons.
    • Has a love/hate relationship with olives.
    • Makes his own beer "Brew 42".

    Quote- "You miss 100% of the shots you do not take." Wayne Gretsky

  • Devorah Ohayon
    Website Orders Manager

    • Once met and spoke to Dustin Hoffman and his wife in a convenience store in London, England 
    • Must listen to at least one song of Freddie Mercury every day!
    • Traveled to four different countries in one day!

    Quote - "Chocolate solves everything!"

  • Ronnie Hakimian
    Production/Logistics Coordinator
    • Fav food- Wife's Lemon Meringue
    • Drove with my family from England to Israel in 8 days through 7 countries.
    • Big fan of George Michael music

    Quote- "Don't judge people by the first impressions"

  • Gary Green
    FBA Warehouse Manager 
    • Billy Joel stayed at my house when I was a little boy
    • Fav food -Mushroom pizza and gummy worms (not together :)). 

    Quote - " Although in life,  it's good to be open-minded, since I've been working at Kosher Casual I've become much more "clothes-minded"." - Gary Green 

  • Rachely Schloss
    Does Whatever is Needed.
    • Token native Israeli on staff
    • Highly blessed with four children
    • Love words and languages

    Quote-" LIfe is fragile, live it fully."

  • Lauren Somers
    Store Manager

    Quote-"Currently having a baby. Be back soon!"

  • Esther Ivgy
    All Things Amazon Manager
    • No matter how long I live in Israel, I will always be a New Yorker.  
    • After growing up listening to my parent's recordings of Moroccan music, I married a Moroccan Israeli.  

    Quote-"When one door closes, another one opens. Too many people keep looking back at the closed door to see the open door ahead of them."

  • Yehoshua Shrager
    Incoming Production and Wholesale Warehouse Manager
    • Comedian 
    • One heck of a kickball player

    Quote - "The following stories are true. And by 'true', I mean they are lies. But they are entertaining lies. And in the end, isn't that the real truth? The answer is no." - The Simpsons

  • laurie Gates